Expertise in data collection through crewed and uncrewed, aerial, terrestrial, interior, and marine applications for construction, survey, infrastructure inspection, and mapping. We continuously update our toolbox so that we remain on the cutting edge of data collection.


Our staff includes Engineers, Professional Surveyors, Certified Photogrammetrists, and Data Scientists that are equipped with the most advanced tools for validation of collected data. All data is reviewed through rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that it is right the first time.

Data Visualization
and Modeling

Robust geospatial data sets need powerful visualization and analysis tools. Utilizing the latest mobile, web, and desktop tools, our team provides information to you using powerful visual software platforms. Whether it is commercial off-the-shelf or custom development, we provide ways or organize, visualize, analyze and share data.

Data driven analytics utilizing cutting edge tools and technology

Alynix understands that big data collection can be cumbersome, slowing down your projects. Utilizing our team of data scientists, software engineers, and mapping experts, we distill big data down to actionable information, so that you can proceed on budget and on time with the best insights possible.

Providing cutting edge tools and processes to give you a competitive edge

At Alynix, our team is continuously improving processes for collecting, validating, and displaying actionable data. Our services were born out of the need for accurate data collection, efficient validation, and advanced visualization. Alynix’s professional services are the convergence of 3 powerful areas of expertise; Advanced Remote Sensing, Professional Surveying, and Data Visualization.


LiDAR Collection


Digital Twinning




Thermal Inspection


Multispectral Imaging




Drone Data Collection

Uncrewed Aerial Mapping

Crewed Aerial Mapping

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