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Do you have a unique challenge that isn’t being met by any of the existing tools available? Let our team help. Software developers and data scientists that understand your needs are difficult to find. Our team will work with you to properly define your needs, scope your project, and work closely with you throughout the entire development process.

Decker – Bridge Deck
Inspection Technology

Take the guesswork out of assessing bridge deck delamination. Decker is a user-friendly platform empowers inspectors with advanced computer vision and machine learning tools to provide the most accurate and reliable bridge assessments.

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We are focused on empowerment of our customers and creating the best solutions for the job at hand. Knowledge is power and we maximize knowledge for our customers to solve complex problems.

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We are experts in advanced technology and its role in making better, more accurate and informed insights accessible.


Data is only useful if you can use it and trust it. Our data products are created with a user-first approach.


We are quality driven and follow the process – no compromising on integrity or accuracy.

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